LaRue @ Salon Republic

e4 LA-WH-8000-SunsetBlvd.0194214

Sooooo I finally opened up my own hair studio! And though it has been a lot of work, there’s nothing like being your own boss.

LaRue is located at Salon Republic in West Hollywood. They have created an amazing environment of independent beauticians. As soon as you walk in the door you feel the creativity. Its definitely a new concept but it is beginning to catch on all over the world. Many professionals dream of having their own business but, as we all know, that dream can be far fetched. It usually requires quite a bit of money to start up and comes with lots of headaches and little sleep. Soooo as an answer to all those creative entrepreneurs out there, Eric Taylor created Salon Republic. There are 78 studios at the West Hollywood location, and they all have an individual vibe to them. Every space reflects the style and taste of its respective owner and together they all represent the dream.

It may be the only child in me, but I have always wanted to do my own thing. Having worked at a couple different salons, I got the training and experience I needed, but never felt completely satisfied. Whether it was the decor, music, products, or hours… I wanted to take control. So when opportunity knocked, I answered the door and offered him a drink. Haha. Its scary, risky, and stressful but it would give me complete freedom and motivation. I found myself having to do “grown up” things like get a business license and setup my very own business account. I definitely faced some negativity and was advised not to make the jump… that it was too much of a risk. And why make another change when things are going so well? But sometimes it takes change to continue growing. I love the Zen saying… “Leap and the net will appear.”

So far so good!

It has been a dream to create my own environment tailored to my needs and those of my clients. Its the beginning of a new chapter! And its so good I don’t want to put the book down!

Stay tuned for photos of my new spot… Or even better, come check it out!

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