Coming back to life

So the last time I posted anything on here was in 2013. That’s pretty bad 😬 but I have a few really great excuses! Being 100% independent and self employed means I am not only a hair stylist. I also act as a receptionist, cleaning lady, bookkeeper, and order all supplies and color. I haven’t been the best at all of these jobs but in my defense it’s a lot for one girl to handle. And on top of that I am now a proud mother of a one year old baby boy! Don’t get me wrong, I am super happy! And I signed up for ALL of it. It just means updating my blog/website is not really at the top of my list. But it’s happening now! I have moved to a new location, gotten the hang of juggling work and home life, and downloaded WordPress to my phone to make updates easier. Sooooo I will be blogging about all my favorite products, hairstyles, cuts, and colors! And definitely adding some photos of my own work. In the mean time, check me out on Instagram @hairbylarue

Thanks for reading! 😘😘😘 


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