Purple > Yellow

I have always loved the color purple. It’s beautiful, stands for royalty, and represents our crown chakra. But as far as hair goes it has a very special place in my heart when it comes to blondes.

When added to shampoo, a little bit of violet will change your life. I pretty much recommend this to all of my blondies. You know that yellowy, brassy color that can sometimes creep up on your hair overtime? Definitely not cool right? Purple shampoo is the answer. It’s brassy hair’s kryptonite. If you are familiar with the color wheel, you know why.

 It’s yellow’s complementary color, which basically means it neutralizes it. So start incorporating it into your hair regimen about once a week. Or go crazy and use it all the time! The worst that’ll happen is your hair will turn Violet (which is kind of awesome). But it will wash away as soon as you stop using it.

I got your back ladies (and gents)

Check out my favorite brands…  

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